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Grey Summer Day at Caswell Bay, Gower Peninsula

Having been so busy lately, with limited time to do my own photography, I was pleased to get an hour at my “go to” bay of Caswell. As has been typical of this summer so far, I hadn’t a clue what the weather would be when I got there. What sun that had been around, […]

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Burry Holms, Rhossili Bay, Gower Peninsula

These images follow a similar theme from my last post. I visited Rhossili Bay again over a few days, this time at the Burry Holms end. Once again different sky conditions gave different lighting effects. The oranges and pinks of the above image is due to the sun having something in the sky to bounce […]

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After the sun goes down – Worm’s Head, Rhossili Bay, Gower Peninsula

I visited Rhossili Bay a few times recently and chose to photography from roughly the same spot for two of the images. They are also taken at roughly the same time. The only difference is in the amount of cloud cover and the amount of sunlight still coming over the horizon. With the more broken […]

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Before the storm – Rhossili Bay, Gower Peninsula before Storm Katie arrived

A few images from a few weeks ago when storm Katie was approaching the UK. I don’t think it was quite as bad as originally forecast on Gower and the worse of the weather seemed to head further north and not along the Bristol Channel as initially thought. With the light being quite dull and […]

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Leaving the Gloom behind, finally some sunshine – Gower Peninsula

At least we have managed to see some sunshine recently. It may be intermittent, but at least the continuous gloom has ended. The weather may still be unpredictable, but at least it feels like we are getting some respite from the gloom. The change in the clocks has helped as well. The three images here […]

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One shot, Three variations – Worms Head,Rhossili Bay, Gower Peninsula

Occasionally you come across an image that doesn’t really speak to you as how it should be processed. This may sound a bit odd; how can a picture dictate the processing? I try not to do any major adjustments to my images, but do process them as how I felt the scene at the time. […]

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Working with the gloom, Gower Peninsula

Weeks of endless rain and dark, gloomy skies hasn’t given the best opportunity for photography, but it is just a case of working with what you get and accepting the conditions. With the flat lighting caused by the low cloud, contrast and colour has been very limited. I tend to think in black¬†and white when […]

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Undecided – Colour or Black & White, Whiteford NNR, Gower Peninsula

Here’s a dilemma for you to mull over¬†while recovering from Christmas. Is the image better in colour or Black and white?

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Changing evening light at Llangennith, Gower Peninsula

On a bright, but windy day a few weeks ago at Llangennith (when the sun was actually visible for once) I had a quick stroll up and down some of the beach chasing a few kite surfers I was photographing. The changes in colour from the start of the afternoon; bright into the light images […]

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End of the day at Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula

I wasn’t expecting any sunlight to still be hitting the headland at Three Cliffs Bay as the cloud was quite thick and I thought it had dropped too far over the horizon, so when the sun did penetrate the cloud, it caught me a bit by surprise and unprepared. I fired off a few images […]

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