Monthly Archives: August 2011

No time for personal creative photography

I have been really busy recently and haven’t had much time to get out and about and take some pictures for myself. I finally hit the wall last weekend and managed to sleep for 14 hours straight. A first for me. The weather hasn’t been particularly inspiring anyway, but I remembered some images I took as an experiment in poor conditions last year.

Most of the images were unsuccessful, but the one above started to work better once I realised a more panoramic crop was needed. In poor light I tend to start thinking in black and white as the scene can be quite monochrome anyway. In processing I like the look of split toning, which I enjoyed doing in the darkroom before the digital darkroom. Getting a consistent split toning on conventional prints was always a challenge, and certainly not as easy as doing it in the computer!

Things are calming down now, so I hope to get out and about a bit more for myself now. I always find August a bit of an in between month; the greens are not as good as spring and the colour changes of autumn haven’t started yet. Most wildlife is harder to see and is still recovering from the breeding season with the migrants yet to appear. Time to start re-exploring old areas and exploring new ones.