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Waterfall Day Course – Elidir Trail, Waterfall Country, Brecon Beacons National Park


I don’t know quite how I did it but I managed to miss the turning to the car park not only one but twice! I nearly had to change the day course theme to “how to photograph a Pheasant shoot” after we ended up at a farm hosting one. Finally we found the car park and set off on the Elidir Trail.

Not all the trees had leaves that had started to turn colour, so there was still a lot of green around, but there were a few pockets of quite nice colour. The Beech and Oak leaves were the most advanced, but it looks as if the other trees will shed their leaves without that much of a colour change.


I would like to thank Chis, Judy, Jane, Nigel and Clive for joining me and I hope you enjoyed the day. To Sandra and Roger who couldn’t make it at the last minute, there is always next year.

The rocks were quite slippery at Sgwd Ddwli Isaf and we started to get a few falls which meant it was time to retreat. One out of two cameras survived, but a spare camera was on hand to save the day.

It is easy to concentrate solely on the wider waterfall view, but I was pleased to see that participants were also considering the smaller more intimate “inner landscape” as well. From what I could see on the back of the camera, there were quite a few really nice images made. I attempted to catch the final evening light back up on the top of the valley, but it died quite quickly as the sun went behind some clouds. A good day was had by all I hope.

The shades of Autumn so far, Gower Peninsula



Just a few images from an hour or so wandering around the Wildlife Trust Elizabeth & Rowe Harding Nature Reserve. I don’t think that this year will be a classic year for autumn colour on Gower. More inland may be better, but the cold snap that is needed to trigger the trees to start turning the leaves hasn’t really happened yet. I’ll see what the Beech trees on the Elidir Trail look like when I run my Waterfall Day Course. Being further inland may have helped them turn more.

There is still a lot of green around, so I hope there is still more colour to come unless high winds manage to remove the leaves before they turn more. The weather forecast is claiming a warm snap next week. That won’t help the colour changes either!

Brandy Cove, Gower Peninsula

It was one of those days when I set out to Brandy Cove, that made you change your plans as the weather conditions altered so quickly. The light was quite contrasty, but changing between being overcast and then sunny intervals. Do I try and produce images in colour or just black and white to even out the “look” of the images? In the end I decided to convert the images to black & white to try and get some similarity to the look of the images.

I’m always drawn to the rock formations and pebbles at Brandy Cove. With so many sandy beaches around Gower, the pebbles make a welcome change from smooth sand. I get the feeling of an intimate atmosphere as well when there, which seems to help my thought process. It is probably due to the small size of the bay compared to the long stretches of sand in other locations.

Whiteford NNR, Gower Peninsula

Just a couple of images from a few hours wandering around Whiteford NNR a week or so ago. As with may of our recent days, it was a mixture of sunny spells, cloud and changing light. To counter this I was switching from ideas in black + white to colour depending on the light conditions.

The sunset was a bit of a messy affair, but there were still some interesting colours to photograph. When I started photographing the metal container (looks like an upside down tank turret) on the beach, there was no reflection of the sunset in the water in it. After a few minutes the water started to pick up the colour of the sky and the whole image was lifted and gained more life to it. I didn’t want too much blur to the water motion as I like a bit of detail in it and with a two stop ND graduated filter to balance out the exposure for the sky and sea, it all came together.

A bit of a postcard image below, but overall the conditions proved challenging and a great test of the new camera I was testing at the time. The over wintering birds hadn’t arrived yet, so there weren’t any great numbers to be seen. Hopefully they will arrive soon and allow another reason to return to Whiteford, as if I needed a reason to return anyway!

WWT National Wetlands Centre Wales

Although I have been a few times to the wetlands centre recently all were without a camera. I was helping the WWT head of media with some video recording techniques and sound recording. My other vist was to help the education officers from all the reserves learn how to use some sound recording equipment they had purchased. It was nice to be back with a camera though.

The reserve was quite quiet on the photographic front. I suppose it is not quite cold enough yet to have the over wintering flocks of birds arriving. Looking around, a lot of the leaves on trees were still green. No sign yet of the autumn colours that we were promised after our summer of rain and showers.

Changing light at Cefn Bryn, Gower Peninsula

It seems ages since I last made some pictures for myself, it must be about 6 weeks or more now. The free time coincided with a new camera to try out and a new sense of beginning that I seemed to have after clearing out over 20 years worth of photographic equipment that I no longer wanted, used or needed. There still seems a lot left though! 5 boxes of gear was sent to Ffordes Photographic and the contents are now on sale.

A quick trip to Cefn Bryn last week produced a few images of the dramatic light conditions as the sun tried to break through the fast moving clouds just before sunset. I found it tricky to try and capture the whole view in one image. Too much sky seemed to weaken the visual  impact of the light falling on the landscape, so when looking back at the images on the screen at home, the images that showed sections of the view seemed strongest.

For those of you wandering what camera I have now bought, it doesn’t matter. It’s a digital SLR with a lens. Remember photographs are made by people and not cameras; they are just tools to allow you to express your vision.