Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Sunday on the Gower Peninsula

Instead of my usual ramblings, I’ve decide to list the things that fed my soul as I was out and about on Gower this last Sunday. What feeds yours?

  • The sight and sounds of two Chough flying past my position on Great Tor
  • The Alarm  and contact calls of a pair of Oystercatchers in Oxwich Bay
  • The sound of soft rain falling on the leaves around me as I sheltered from the rain
  • The alarm calls of a Blackbird
  • The call of a Robin
  • The sound of the waves on the beach
  • Low sunlight raking across Owxich Burrows

  • The Autumn colours
  • The russet colour of the bracken
  • A Buzzard gliding overhead on a thermal
  • The sound of wind in the tops of the trees
  • The contact calls of a flock of longtailed tits in the trees around me
  • The sight and sound of crows heading to roost
  • The sound of children having fun outdoors with nature on a cold, grey afternoon – priceless

Elidir Trail, Waterfall Country, Brecon Beacons National Park – Revisited


I decided to go back to the Elidir Trail a few days after the workshop to see if the leaves had changed any more. They had changed more, but a lot had fallen to the ground. The rest that were left on the trees were quite green still a part from the oak trees.

The weather although dry was too bright for my liking and lead to high contrast problems in the woodland. The sky was much brighter that the woodland floor and even though I usually would avoid trying to include both in an image, a few images I tried seemed to work out okay. It also allowed me to try out some compositions I had avoided in the past.

A few new ideas have surfaced to try next Autumn, so I still think that my images are a work in progress and that there is more work to do to get a coherent body of work together.


Rhossili Bay Day Course 2013

With a poor weather forecast is was a plesant surprise that it wasn’t raining when I arrived at Rhossili. Flooding on the road and hail stones on the verge side showed that it had been different a few minutes before. I was joined by Steve, Rhian, Sandy, Mary and Graham in the car park and after a quick chat we set off to Worm’s Head. Unfortunately Mike couldn’t make it at the last minute, so hope to see you next time Mike.


Amazingly the weather held off until lunch time when we made a timely retreat to the Bistro for a hot drink and a bite to eat. It wasn’t as cold or as windy as forecast, but it was nice to get indoors for a rest. A heavy shower came in as we rested indoors, but it had cleared by the time we left the Bistro. Unfortunately our luck wasn’t to last and we endured hail, rain, sun and finally later on thunder and lightning as we got back to the car park.

The weather provided some great light at times with intense bursts of low raking sunlight, dull overcast conditions and everything in between. It was a good day and once again Rhossili Bay and Worm’s Head looked spectacular at all times.