Woodland at Oxwich National Nature Reserve

I have been busy recently trying to get an image of a field of bluebells and cowslips in Oxwich, but unfortunately the image is still not working how I envisaged it. It has been quite windy so trying to get sharp images on cloudy days has proved difficult. My visits the reserve have not been in vain, but I still have to process the images fully. The image posted is from my phone. The wood has a slightly mysterious look to it which I like, and I am tempted to try a Black and White version of this.

I’m looking forward to my Clyne Park Day Course tomorrow. I always enjoy the day and the discussions on photography that run throughout. Clyne is looking good at the moment, and I will check on the ducklings while I’m there. I don’t expect there will be any left, but I hope I’m wrong! Hopefully I will have some time to take some images, but on the workshops whether the day or weekend type I tend to find that I rarely pick up the camera! This doesn’t matter as the needs of my participants are more important. I have access to the Gower Peninsula all year round, they don’t.

I have a bit of computer work to do as I am updating the galleries on my main website and adding a few new galleries, so will probably not have much time to get out to?make some new images.? If I am stuck at the computer I will probably end up looking at the Wild Wonders of Europe website. There are some great images on the site with a great blog from the photographers in the field. A lot of the images are very different from the average natural history image and very inspiring. One day!


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