Male Pheasant at Oxwich Bay

Managed to get a shot of this male Pheasant yesterday at Oxwich Bay, Gower Peninsula. I have been struggling to get a good shot of the Bluebells and Cowslips due to the strong winds at the moment so decided to try something different. I had attempted this shot before on film, actually on medium format in a panoramic format, which actually worked OK. This time the pheasant came closer plus I had my 8oomm lens and the 1.5x digital crop factor to help. Unfortunately light levels were relatively low but with use of a window mount, beanbag and remote release the majority of? the images are sharp.

The reason I mentioned Chase in the title is because?by accident I am already carrying out some of the ideas in his latest post, where he writes about ideas to improve your creativity. Just following through on a few of his ideas will help unblock any creative mind block. I use similar ideas on my workshops and Day courses to try and get participants seeing photographic opportunities more easily. I find that as they get their eye tuned in, they find it easier to make photographs and that the quality of them improves as well.


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