Leaf Detail found in back garden

Just been wandering around the back garden this afternoon after?a morning of admin on the computer. Nothing particularly fancy with the equipment for this image: camera, 90mm macro lens plus flash positioned above lens on a macro bracket. Had the settings on the camera set to rear curtain sync for the flash to stop ghosting in the image as I was using daylight to balance the flash. The flash was being used as the main light and daylight as the fill. This is done by changing the shutter speed or aperture to set the exposure for the daylight to less than that needed for a correct exposure i.e. the daylight exposure is under exposed.

Using a macro lens is always a great way of finding photographic inspiration. On those days when you are finding it hard to visualise images, get out your macro lens and a whole new world will open up for you. The other great thing is the lighting does not have to be anything special either. The image above was taken in full sunlight. I teach this technique on my Gower Photography workshops and Day courses on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. So where ever you are or are going take your macro lens with you!


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