I decided just to have a quick stroll through Cline Gardens to see what was happening. I was hoping that some of the snowdrops would be coming through as those I had seen at the National Botanical Garden of Wales were quite advanced. The ones in Clyne are way behind, so will need about another week to be close to being worth photographing.

The Gardens were just starting to show the signs of spring, some of the Azaleas and Rhododendrons were starting to bud and the odd shrub was showing the start of a few leaf buds. It is difficult to show this time of early change and bareness in the gardens, especially as the light was starting to go on me. I managed the frame above which I like for the very subtle, almost pastel like colours. It makes a change from the full on colour I normally have in some of my images of the gardens in bloom later in spring.


The light had really gone as I walked back up the path to the top of the gardens. I was carrying my lightweight tripod which allowed me to make the series of images above of details of Gunnera leaves. The Gunnera plant always provides great photography options but due to the poor light and lack of natural colour in the leaves I decided to switch to black and white in post processing?to show of the texture of the leaves better. Black and white seems to give almost endless ways to interpret a photograph and is one of the few times that I actually enjoy spending time on a computer processing an image.


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