I decided to go back to the Elidir Trail a few days after the workshop to see if the leaves had changed any more. They had changed more, but a lot had fallen to the ground. The rest that were left on the trees were quite green still a part from the oak trees.

The weather although dry was too bright for my liking and lead to high contrast problems in the woodland. The sky was much brighter that the woodland floor and even though I usually would avoid trying to include both in an image, a few images I tried seemed to work out okay. It also allowed me to try out some compositions I had avoided in the past.

A few new ideas have surfaced to try next Autumn, so I still think that my images are a work in progress and that there is more work to do to get a coherent body of work together.



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  • Benedict says:

    Great set of images.Looks an interesting place to go with a camera + wellies

  • Nick says:

    Hi Benedict,
    Thanks for the comment. The trail is really easy to visit and the waterfalls are great any time of year. Wellies really help as some of the better view points require a paddle!

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