Instead of my usual ramblings, I’ve decide to list the things that fed my soul as I was out and about on Gower this last Sunday. What feeds yours?

  • The sight and sounds of two Chough flying past my position on Great Tor
  • The Alarm? and contact calls of a pair of Oystercatchers in Oxwich Bay
  • The sound of soft rain falling on the leaves around me as I sheltered from the rain
  • The alarm calls of a Blackbird
  • The call of a Robin
  • The sound of the waves on the beach
  • Low sunlight raking across Owxich Burrows

  • The Autumn colours
  • The russet colour of the bracken
  • A Buzzard gliding overhead on a thermal
  • The sound of wind in the tops of the trees
  • The contact calls of a flock of longtailed tits in the trees around me
  • The sight and sound of crows heading to roost
  • The sound of children having fun outdoors with nature on a cold, grey afternoon – priceless


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