Duckling of the Day

Suddenly realised that there are not may images on what is supposed to be a photoblog! Had some time today to do some scouting of Clyne Park to get ready for one of my Gower Photography Day Courses. The course will be pretty informal, but it pays to be prepared for what is happening in the park. The pond at the top of the park has some Mallard ducks present with their young. Unfortunately, the numbers of ducklings are dropping daily and one was taken by a Carrion Crow right in front of me. As usual, I missed the shot! The history of Duckling survival rates is not good on this pond as it is quite shallow, so I’m not sure if any will be around for the day course on May 9th. The Ducklings are quite bold as they are used to people feeding them bread, but to get a good image size I still needed my 500mm lens. It’s amazing how much interest I seem to generate from passers-by who are always interested in my photographic gear. If only I had a pound for every comment on the size of my lens etc. 9 Ducklings are currently left so get down to the pond fast if you would like to get some images!


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