The marsh at Salthouse Point?? View towards Whiteford Point from Salthouse Point

I was at Salthouse point in Crofty checking on the seabird numbers after the breeding season. Salthouse point is a great place to get close enough photographically to get good images of sea birds close up.?It juts out into the Loughor estuary and?is affected by the tides here producing large areas of mudflats for the birds to feed on. The marshland behind the point is used to graze cattle and sheep and is shown in the two photographs above. At this time of year the grass is very lush and very green. Due to being tidal, channels run through the marsh to allow he water to drain in and out with the tides.

Although the lighting was quite flat, by pointing the camera into the light it has slightly back lighted the longer grass on the right hand image. This separates it from the rest of the grass around it and also shows the wavy pattern to it, which I hope leads the eye up towards the horizon. In the image on the left I used the water channel to do this and as it is a stronger contrast to the grass, it is more readily seen.


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