tLoughor Estuary from Salthouse Point

Although the?light at Salthouse Point, Crofty was pretty flat for most of my visit, the sun did manage to break through occasionally. What caught my eye initially was the back lit grass in the foreground, but as an image by itself it wasn’t strong enough. The wider view shown here is more dramatic and shows the barrenness of the estuary that is present most of the time. As I was photographing into the sun, a large amount of filtration was needed to balance the sky and foreground. I fitted both my ND graduated 0.9 and 0.6 filters to get 5 stops of filtration that was needed to get? the correct balance. Flare can be a problem in this situation, but luckily I remembered to clean my lenses the morning of my visit which helps, but also the cloud was just covering the sun at the time of exposure which is the best way of avoiding flare. Other subjects such as trees can also be used to provide this type of screening of the sun to reduce flare.


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