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It was good to get back out into Gower after not having much time recently for my own photo projects. This last year seems to have only allowed me a few minutes here and there every now and again. My visit to Broad Pool was no exception. What was amazing was the change in the light over about an hour. It started off looking quite uninspiring, but as the cloud broke up the sun managed to break through, changing the whole scene.

Broad Pool20141015_NCD7247

I couldn’t resist trying to make a few images of the reeds poking through the backlit water reflecting the golden glow of the sun. I made quite a few exposures with different shutter speeds to blur the water or fitting a variable ND filter to get really lower shutter speeds. The variable ND seemed to take some of the glow off the water, so this straight shot seems to reflect what I saw better.

Broad Pool20141015_NCD7262

As soon as the clouds cleared, they started to return again, thickening slowly on the horizon. There were still some patches of clear sky occasionally, washing the scene with different colours and shades. The grey/yellow of the above image soon changed into the orange/blue of the image below. The lack of wind really helped the reflection to hold some detail and create the perfect reflection.

Broad Pool20141015_NCD7276

Finally, with the sun well below the horizon and the cloud getting thicker in the sky, the pool and surrounding area took on the bleak look that you would expect of an exposed moor with little cover in October. Not bad for an hour.

Broad Pool20141015_NCD7296


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