I went to check the progress of the wild garlic in Ilston Valley after being in Clyne Park. My first day course of this year is in two weeks on May 2nd, so after finding the park flowers out earlier than usual, I thought I better check Ilston as well. All looks to be on schedule for the day, but will have a closer look at the weekend.

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As the light was so good I was hoping to get some shots of Arthurs Stone on top of Cefn Bryn in Gower but unfortunately it became quite cloudy and misty, so a change of direction was needed. The first signs of the new gorse growth were showing through the old, dead grass and created an interesting contrast. Amazingly I needed 5 stops of Neutral density graduated filter to tone down the sky and post processing in Lightroom managed to bring out some of the final colour left between the clouds. I am considering trying a Black and White conversion of this shot to see how it works. I will post it to allow comparison if it is any good.

The changing conditions always keep me on my toes, and I think it is always helpful in developing ?your vision when you are forced to adjust your plans. I try and get this across to my course participants?on the weekend or day courses. The advantage for the weekend course participants is that the have a bit more knowledge of the landscape and have the option to return until they get the image that they were seeking, unlike the day course participants who have to react more quickly.


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