On a bright, but windy day a few weeks ago at Llangennith (when the sun was actually visible for once) I had a quick stroll up and down some of the beach chasing a few kite surfers I was photographing. The changes in colour from the start of the afternoon; bright into the light images with no colour as a result except blacks, greys and whites through to the oranges and blues of sunset shows that staying on location for a while can produce all sorts of new options even though the subject may be the same.


All images of Worm’s Head were taken at roughly the same position on the beach at different times of the day. Although they are all?compositionally similar, the colours and the mood differ. Having the sun disappear and re-appear between the clouds helped the different lighting conditions as well as the sun lowering towards the horizon.


As the sun hit the horizon most of the cloud cover had gone so any chances of an interesting sunset were gone although the dogs on the beach didn’t seem to?mind!



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