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At least we have managed to see some sunshine recently. It may be intermittent, but at least the continuous gloom has ended. The weather may still be unpredictable, but at least it feels like we are getting some respite from the gloom. The change in the clocks has helped as well. The three images here were all taken while I was just out enjoying the change in the weather. Let’s hope it continues to improve. I managed the image above at Rhossili when the path was clear of walkers going up or down the path. Considering the weather, I was surprised how quiet it was, with only a few visitors around.


Oxwich Bay20160325_DSC3415

I had been up early to record the dawn chorus in Mill Wood, near Pence, so when that finished, I decided to check out the pools and hide at Oxwich NNR. Surprisingly it was quite quiet on the bird front with very little waterfowl on the ponds. I had expected more, especially more than the one pair of little Grebe and a few Mallard. The rising sun started to light the reeds nicely with most of the background still in shadow, so I made the above image any way, even though there isn’t any birdlife in it. Earlier on while heading to Mill Wood I saw a Barn Owl flying around near the entrance to the Penrice Estate and the turning to Oxwich. The seem to be around the Oxwich area, so later on in the summer, they may become more visible as they have to hunt in daylight hours.


Llangennith Burrows20160325_DSC3624

This image was made on my way across Broughton and Llangennith Burrows, to make some images looking back down Rhossili Bay towards Worm’s Head and Rhossili Village. I liked how the sunlight was highlighting the grass tufts and the ridges of the dune, leaving the rest in shadow. Not a grand view, but a nice abstract anyway.


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