Fern Frond unfolding?????????????????? Wild Garlic Flower?

Bluebell?????????????????Wild Garlic and Bluebells

Just a few images from yesterday. All images were taken with my 70 – 200mm zoom which has a great close focusing ability, plus a polariser to remove reflections on the leaves and to saturate the colours. It was quite dark when taking these, so quite a few shots were out of focus due to wind movement of the plant. To ensure it wasn’t camera shake or mirror slap I used a tripod, cable release and mirror lock up on the camera. I could have made things easier by changing the ISO, but I was trying to reduce noise as much as possible. To also help with noise I expose to the right of the histogram as much as possible without blowing the high lights.

Woodlands are always visually confusing places, and I find it difficult to get wide angle or scenic images I am totally happy with so I tend to find myself looking for smaller details most of the time.


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