Panoramic view from Cefn Bryn towards Rhossili and Hardings Down

This is a five frame stitched digital panoramic. This is my first proper attempt at stitching images, and it has proved to be quite a challenge. I probably shouldn’t have chosen to take images for this panoramic technique on a day with such rapidly changing light. The colour temperature of each image differed from image to image even? though the camera was set on Daylight white balance with a manual exposure.

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The variations were due to the changes in light intensity as the light passed through the storm clouds. Some of the light intensity has been lost on the web version so it doesn’t look quite as dramatic as it actually was. I will try and improve the image to show this if possible.

The view is from Cefn Bryn towards Rhossili and Hardings Downs. I really like the four trees on the horizon, and try and use these in my other photographs. There is one image in my landscape gallery which uses them with the sun setting behind. Cefn Bryn is a great place to use right at the end of the day as there are some great views across Gower, and being one of the higher points it gets the last rays of light at the end of the day. Arthur’s Stone is located here, which also provides further photographic opportunities.


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  • Dick Berry says:

    Found your blog and wanted to comment on your first stitched pano. Looks good for your first attempt at stitching. Large areas of sky can be very challenging but you pulled it off. Nice blog with some very nice images. Keep shooting!
    Dick Berry

  • Nick says:

    Hi Dick,
    Thanks for the comments. Hopefully I will be posting a few more stitched Panoramic shots soon, so keep an eye out on the blog.
    Once again thank you for taking the time to comment. Look me up if you ever come over to the UK and Wales!