Mallard Duckling

I’m afraid that the ducklings on the pond in Clyne Park are now down to two. Other regular duckling?watchers informed me that there were as many as seven at the start of this week, but as usual this starts to decline like in previous years. I hope there are some left for my Clyne Park Day Course on May 9th. It would be great to have them there, but since the park is close to its peak at the moment with the Rhododendrons and Azaleas in glorious bloom we won’t be short of subjects. Great colours are every where. The bluebells are out and looking good. Took a few more?images of them today as I am trying to improve my library of bluebell images. Experimented with lenses from 24mm all the way up to a 500mm + 1.4x converter and extension tube. Really had to support the lens well with all of that rigged up and so far everything looks sharp in Lightroom!

The birds are really active in the park at the moment, and due to the pressures of feeding chicks, they are quite bold at times. While photographing the ducklings, a male blackbirds perched on a nearby tree to sing and I managed to get a few images before it moved on.

Male Blackbird singing

On days like today when I managed a great selection of images that I am pleased with, I wonder why I travel anywhere else. I do like the challenge of learning a new location, but having a local patch that you can visit all year round, watching it change through the seasons allows an understanding to develop with your environment. This ultimately will improve your images.

Here on Gower I am spolit for choice sometimes as to where to spend my time. Do I go to the beach – Caswell, Oxwich, Rhossili Bay, the dunes at Whiteford Point, the marsh at Salthouse point for bird photography or the woods and countryside of Bishopston and Ilston Valley, Cefn Bryn or Gelli Hir. This makes it important for me to select a project to concentrate on otherwise I would be running around Gower like a headless chicken and ultimately failing to get any decent images or in depth coverage of a particular subject.


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