The road to Welshmoor? Horses on Welshmoor

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Something slightly different with my images this post. Hopefully nobody will notice a difference, except for the fact that they need some further post processing. This post was inspired by Chase Jarvis, a Seattle based Commercial Photographer who I have followed on the web for a few years. Some of you may be wondering what commercial photography has to do with my interest in natural history photography. The idea for this post developed as a result of? the conversation I had on Saturday with a participant on my Ilston Valley Day course about photographic equipment and images and one of the galleries on Chase’s website.

For those of you that are still wondering what all this is about – all the above images were taken on a phone. Chase has been using his Apple iPhone to take images daily for a year or so, and with minimal in camera processing, posting them on his website. The conversation I had on Saturday was about the fact that in the amateur photographic world especially, there is a tendency for equipment lust and the belief that better equipment will produce better photographs. When an image is printed or posted on the web you can’t tell what make camera or model was used, it is only the appearance of the image that counts and the vision of the photographer.

I used a technique today that I recommend to my workshop participants – simplify your equipment to a single camera and lens, a compact camera or camera phone. This forces you to think about composition and framing rather than using every piece of photographic equipment to get an image. This is also a great technique for those moments when photographic inspiration is difficult to come by. It frees your mind from the equipment choices to think about making images. Yes, you may miss some images but overall the quality of your images that you have taken will improve.

By the way, I still?made some photographs with my usual equipment and yes, I am a bit of a gear junkie occasionally!


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