Gannet in flight

After my second rain shower at Deer Park, Martins Haven the clouds lifted again and this time cleared for a really great early evening spell of Gannet photography. I managed to position myself on a rocky headland closest the a circular flight pattern the birds were doing as they scanned the sea for fish. This allowed relatively close views, and occasionally they came closer like in the image above. It was a great way to spend my time drying out!

For those of you who have tried photographing birds in flight, you will know that it is not easy to get sharp photographs and good composition. Some of it is luck, but practice, patience and plenty of storage cards help as well! I managed to practise some techniques taught by Arthur Morris, the great American bird photographer based in Florida, USA. If you can get a copy of his book and digital book on CD, which explain with superb shots and information the art of bird photography. Both can be got through his website Birds as Art, but also check out his blog and subscribe to his e-newsletter. The amount of knowledge and information he has on bird photography is unsurpassed!

I had fully dried out after a few hours, so it was time to get all arty with photography!


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