Gower Photography Modular Workshop

Well I have finally got my act together at finalised some dates next year for the modular workshop concept?I came up with earlier on this year.

The modular workshop idea was born out of my experience of regular workshops. Most participants found a full three days of continuous photography quite tiring and as a result started to lose their creative spark. By turning it into a modular format, participants can now pick those?days that appeal to them more and have a break?if they want one without feeling that they are wasting their money.

The overall concept and format is quite simple:

  1. Only six participants per day
  2. Choose your location
  3. Choose the days you want to take part in
  4. Choose your own accommodation to suit your budget

So far there are two locations next year:

  • Pembrokeshire – more information HERE
  • Elan Valley – more information HERE

Hopefully more locations will be added in future years if the concept takes off.



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