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These images follow a similar theme from my last post. I visited Rhossili Bay again over a few days, this time at the Burry Holms end. Once again different sky conditions gave different lighting effects. The oranges and pinks of the above image is due to the sun having something in the sky to bounce off. This has then been reflected in the wet sand.

Rhossili Bay20160325_DSC3743

Clearer sky has kept the blue colouration, so with a similar colour reflected in the sea, I experimented with the foreground to provide some extra interest. Choosing different shutter speeds and time the image for when the wave was coming in or going out gave a different feel to the images. Both the images above and below were taken in the same place, but with the waves going out above, it has show the pebbles left on the beach. With the wave coming in below, the pebbles have been covered, with only a suggestion of their presence. Personally I prefer to see more of the pebbles and think the image above has more fore the viewers eye to look at.

Rhossili Bay20160325_DSC3741


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