Caswell Bay20160709_DCS2297

Having been so busy lately, with limited time to do my own photography, I was pleased to get an hour at my “go to” bay of Caswell. As has been typical of this summer so far, I hadn’t a clue what the weather would be when I got there. What sun that had been around, had gone away, and wasn’t coming back out. So back to the dull grey conditions we have had so much of this year.

Caswell Bay20160709_DCS2267

The rock formations lend themselves well to a black and white conversion and the overcast conditions allowed a capture of the full range of tones. This allowed me to change the contrast of the image back in post production. The wispy, white lines on the rocks in the image above look more like reflections off water than actual seams in the rock. I don’t remember seeing them as clearly as at this visit, but it could be my memory playing tricks on me.

Caswell Bay20160709_DCS2285

I think I will call the image above “camouflage”, even though Limpets don’t go out of their way to get Barnacles on them. They had obviously been in position on this rock for a while, but were blending in really well considering that they do move around on the rocks as they feed.


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