Gower Photography is more about you than me. It is here to help you take your photography to the level you want to reach whether you are a beginner wishing to understand the basic technical building blocks of photography or a more experienced photographer who would wish to develop your photography further.

Photography is an art as well as a craft, but unfortunately most of the media emphasis is on the photographic equipment or gear of the hobby. Your camera is only a tool and doesn’t know how you saw the scene in front of you and how you wished it to be portrayed in your photograph. It is the photographer that makes the photograph and not the camera. Without the technical knowledge you won?t be able to repeat your photographic successes, but without artistic flair you will only produce technically correct, but visually sterile images.


Probably by this point you have invested quite a large sum of money in your equipment, but are you finding that your photographs aren?t quite living up to what you expected or saw in your minds eye. What have you invested in you the photographer?

Photography can?t be taught in a day or 3 day workshop, but it does allow you to concentrate on areas you would like to improve. It is said that to learn something well you need to spend 10,000 hours practicing it, so be prepared to practice your photographic eye to improve your photography whenever and where ever you can.


At Gower photography you will be shown the techniques and methods of working that work for me. This is not the only way to make photographs and I encourage you to investigate as many routes as you can to develop your photographic art as well as craft.

Each day course and workshop is limited to a group size of six participants. The small group size allows me to spend time with each participant developing their photography further and allows a mixture of abilities within the groups. With courses spreading over the different landscapes of Wales, concentrating on different techniques or fieldcraft there should be a course that appeals to you.