We had quite a mixed bag of weather for the three days, but overall it was dry. We started off in Penclawdd, making images of the estuary including boats, patterns in the mud plus views down towards Whiteford Point. Sunshine on Friday morning turned to grey cloud just after we managed a few images at Broad Pool and Arthur’s Stone. The light had pretty much looked to have gone by the time we got to Rhossili. We decided to walk up to the causeway area, where the tide was starting to come in. In the dull weather the rock patterns provided interesting photographic material. As the sun lowered it looked as if we may be lucky and get some light at sunset, but low cloud came across and subdued the light. There was enough light to allow some rock and seascapes to be attempted.

Saturday was spent at Mewslade Bay, which had promising light in the morning, but the afternoon was grey and cold except towards the end of the day. Some sun managed to break through and warm us up at the last minute before we left. Mewslade proved popular and as usual had loads of photographic opportunity if the wider view was ignored due to the poor lighting most of the time. I managed a few frames myself at Mewslade, some which are a bit of an experiment, especially the bottom image. I’m still working out if I like it or not. No filters were used, the sky was very dark naturally.

Detail images are abound at Mewslade, but I am surprised how many photographers dismiss this type of photography. When the light is not great for landscape views, detail images can be the saving grace of an otherwise uproductive day.


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