We haven’t had any snow yet on Gower, just heavy frosts, so I thought I would check out some of the areas where you get standing water or ponds to see what was happening in the ice that would be forming. Areas like Broad Pool and Gelli Hir which have ponds were frozen but the surface of the ice was quite bland. The path to Arthurs Stone over the years seems to have got wetter with more pools of water developing, but they stay relatively shallow. This shallow depth seemed to be responsible for producing more interesting ice patterns.

The picture below shows the ice sheet looking towards the setting sun behind the clouds. By itself it provides an interesting view, but the more interesting elements for me were within the ice.

Getting some form of contrast is always a good composition tool for your images. Contrasts don’t have to be just colours, it can be textures, types of light, geographic locations, different heights etc. If you can get multiple contrasts in an image that’s great, but don’t over do it otherwise it can get over complex visually.

The ice had many different surface textures from powder like to glass like within a small area so luckily I didn’t have to venture too far onto the ice, but could just hover around the edges where there was better grip with some grass poking through the ice to stand on. I’ll have to use my crampons next time to get further in, it is slightly more dignified than crawling onto the ice on my hands and knees. At least I know that I can’t fall through the ice when it is only 4 inches thick!


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