Apart from visiting a few friends, I took the opportunity to visit a few camera stores while in London. They tend to have more items on display, which allows me to handle the equipment before? buying it. An old camera bag has a failing zip and if I can’t get it repaired then I will need a new one. I always find that the best way to but equipment is to take your gear along to the shop and play with it on your camera, or load your equipment in it. This is especially important with bags and tripods. Most stores are quite happy for you to do this, but if they are not just leave.? I like to visit Aperture second hand photography shop close to the British Museum. Apart from being a photography shop they have a great little cafe as well.

They hadn’t opened on my arrival so I decided to kill some time wondering around the British Museum. The new roof is quite spectacular and is a popular subject for photographers. I had always previsualised the photographs as black and white, partly because the weather was so gloomy and partly for the strong graphic element it would bring to the photos. I have given them a very subtle split tone to them in processing.

While wandering back to my accommodation in London, I was hoping to come across some subjects for the urban wildlife category in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. The Pigeons in the photo below caught my eye, but weren’t really that active, so it turned more into a study of the church instead. The window design is very interesting with the leaded window forming a cross in its structure as apposed to regular sized panes of glass.

On my way past Tate Modern I always try and make a few pictures of the silver birch trees. So far I have never achieved what I have visualised in my mind. The photo below is the closest I have come so far. The shallow depth of field of the 50mm F1.8 lens has really isolated the tree I focused on well, giving me the separation from the other trees that I wanted. On processing, I couldn’t decide whether I preferred the colour or black and white version, so I have posted both.



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  • Jenny Fox says:

    Hi Nick!

    Re Zip on your camera bag, have you tried the local ‘cobblers’? i have taken several of my handbags and shopping bags for repair and they manage to come out very well but it depends on where the zip is located on the bag to how it can be repaired, obviously! Good luck!

    Love the black n whites, interesting lines and dimensions. I was shocked at the silver birch trees until I looked closer….. blonde moment, I thought the old leaf/branch nodes were insects……..!!!!!! Quite surreal!!! think I prefer the coloured variety!

  • Nick says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I had thought of this, but haven’t got around to it yet. Anyway any excuse to go looking at new gear!

    Best wishes,


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