I planned this day course to take advantage of the drier weather in the valley and the chance to have some water flowing over the dams still. Well the weather was even drier than expected and no water coming over the dams!? So much for planning. At least we weren’t getting soaked. We all met at the visitors centre and then moved on to the various locations.?

A perfect leading line! The sunny weather created a lot of contrast, which made life a bit harder, as we would often find that one side of the valley was in heavy shade and the other well lit. Everybody knew that it was postcard weather and we would have to see what sunset would bring.

The water level was lower than my last visit, so the normally full chanel and waterfall were far less photogenic than normal. The river rocks had some interesting shapes and textures, but the high contrast made it challenging to photograph.

The Elan valley has a great mix of locations from wooded valleys, to open moorland and great man made dams divided by rivers and resevoirs, all in easy to reach locations by car. For those photographers who would like a little bit of the wilderness feel to their photographs, but either don’t have the time or inclination to trek out into it over a few days would be advised to check out the Elan Valley.

We waited for a sunset, but cloud rolling in from the west killed off any chance of interesting light, but some good images were made by the group to north as the only patch of sky with? some colours other than grey appeared for a few minutes. I would like to thank the group for a great day. Next?course Tintern Abbey on Saturday26th March!


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  • Colin says:

    Hi Nick,
    Thanks for a great day. After following your advice, I came home with some very good photos and some new ideas to think about.I’m sure Garry and I will be back for more.
    Regards, Colin.

  • Gary says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for a trully informative course. Your advise and expertise have help me to look at landscape photography in a whole new light, and has improved my photos ten fold.

    I will certainly be booking further courses with you.

    Many thanks Gary.

  • Nick says:

    Hi Gary,
    It was great to meet you on the course and I am glad that you enjoyed the day and learn’t a few things as well.

    Hope to see you on another course.

    Best wishes,


  • Nick says:

    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the day. Hope to see you on another course soon.

    Best wishes,


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