Grey Heron at the London Wetlands Centre

I have been trawling through my photograph library today just re editing and processing some older images. I sometimes forget what subjects I have photographs of and am amazed at the wide range of subjets I have. I don’t remember taking some of them!

The image with this post is from my first visit to the London Wetlands Centre owned by the WWT in 2005.

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I find making photographs here easier than at my local WWT centre, the National Wetlands Centre in Llanelli. The hides in London are better positioned and lower to the water giving a better chance of creating a good image. If you get a chance to visit either centre, take it as they are both excellent locations for photography with abundant bird life plus lots of plant and insect life as well. Even when the numbers of birds drops in the summer there is still plenty of subjects to photograph. The only problem I find in the summer is the opening times of the centres. They miss out on the best times for photography, but if it is a cloudy day it doesn’t matter. These days I seem to find myself wishing for cloudy days more often than not. It really helps with the contrast of a photograph, plus the colour saturation is better than a sunny day. Now digital capture is giving us better quality at higher ISO settings than film ever did, it is easy just to up the ISO when needed on those darker cloudy?days.


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