I always find Broad Pool a great place to visit in the evening for some sunset images. You can get stuck in a rut somewhat and keep producing similar images, so I set out to try and get something different at this visit.? I think I partially succeeded in doing this. I really like the abstract nature of the image of the reeds above. With the perfect reflection, it is difficult to know where the reeds and the reflection begins. The colours and water surface texture provide a contrast to the straight, graphic shape of the reeds.

The final two images are more conventional in style. They show the patch of reeds that originally caught my eye and that resulted in the first image. What I have found on the workshops is that other photographers sometimes struggle in distilling what ever caught their eye in a scene into a successful image that they feel reflects what they saw. Most of the time they are trying to get too much into the image and need to leave things out more. The saying less is more is just as true for photography.?


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  • Jeremy says:

    Lovely shots. The first, abstract shot is particularly beautiful.

  • Nick says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the comment. I really like the first image as well. The other two are not that different from other images you may see, but I like them anyway. The challenge is always to come up with something different of a well photographed location.

    Best wishes,


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