The view to the morth from Arthurs Stone, Cefn Bryn, Gower Peninsula

I went to Cefn Bryn?yesterday hoping to get some new photographs of Arthur’s Stone and a great sunset, but unfortunately there was too much cloud coming in from the west, blocking out the sun. When I turned around from my position I saw this scene before me and new I had to try and create a photograph. This reminded me of a tip in a video I had seen today in a Rick Sammon video on YouTube, specifically Tip 4.? You can link to the video HERE. There are some great photographic tips on the video from American photographer Rick Sammon which will help you to remember how to get the best from a location.

I love to make photographs of skies with cloud patterns, but here the colour contrast with the blue of the water, the green fields and colours in the sky made it special for me.? It helps to be flexible when planning an image and to be able to adapt to conditions at the location. I still need to get some images of Arthur’s Stone though!


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