I’m often surprised on my Day courses or workshops that some participants seen to think that there is only one image in a particular location and that once they have taken it there is nothing else to photograph. They don’t seem to want to experiment and move forward from an image that has been done many times before and find their own vision of the location. To me that is part of the challenge of working in a “local patch”. It is easy to keep repeating yourself in the same locations, perhaps the lighting is different but essentially the framing is the same. Finding an alternative view makes you think, plan and develop your photographic brain more. So here’s a question for you. Why do we need to have a foreground, middle and background interest in a landscape image? And while I’m at it , why does it have to be in focus from front to back?

Joel? Meyerowitz talks about a similar theme in the video below. Perhaps there aren’t any more options in a particular genre, location etc. so he talks about going over the threshold into another area of photography. I’m still working out my threshold and where I would like to move onto next in those areas of photography that I feel I’m stagnating in. What’s your threshold?




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