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With the relatively dry and sunny weather we have been getting for the last few weeks, I started a mini project on a small area of Fairwood Common. I am trying to document the less well known or less visited sights of the Gower. Fairwood common is one of those areas that most people only pass through on their way to some where else in Gower normally. A few park up to walk the dog or dump some rubbish, but apart from that most people view it through their car window.

With a few nore blue skies than normal, it was a good time to use the classic yellow and blue colour contrast to photograph the flowering gorse. Interestingly gorse can flower at any time in the year, but spring is the main time for the most dense and abundant flowers.

Fairwood Common20150509_NCD0979

The mini project covers both stills, video and audio work. I’m still trying to work out how to link it all together, but the main narrative of the work is based around a family of Stonechats that allowed me close access to their lives. More on that later on in the year.

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