Tate Modern, Bankside, London

I always find some of the more industrial buildings, or industrial styled building on the South Bank suit black and white even on sunny days. Usually at Tate Modern I am trying to make images with the birch trees outside, as I am always drawn by the white bark contrasting with the surrounding colours. As I have posted before, I am still trying to get the definitive image of this, and once again this trip I came up short. I think my ideas are getting better and more developed, but the image hasn’t come together fully yet. This view of the building was a change for me, but like a lot of subjects, most angles have been approached before so finding an original view is difficult. Some times one angle just seems to work the best though.

National Theatre, Soth Bank, London

Here I was having an ‘artsy’ moment, and the subject just screamed black and white at me. There was no real colour in the image other than grey anyway. To me this is a nothing image as it doesn’t really hold my attention for very long, but if it was entered into one of these art photography competitions, I’m sure it would fit in well. On my visit I managed to see the Irving Penn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, which also had a small display of portraits by Jane Bowen. The images in both kept me intrigued for hours, but when visiting the Photographers Gallery and the images in the Deutsche Borse photography prize I was totally under whelmed. Perhaps with a few more images like the one above I will be able to enter next time!


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