While photographing the Whitethroat at Welsh Moor I saw a small area that was covered with Ragged-Robin flowers. I have only now managed to get back and photograph them. Earlier in the day I had been at Mumbles Pier photographing the Kittiwakes. The cloud cover that was present had burnt off, so the conditions were much sunnier and contrasty as a result. Normally I like to photograph flowers in less contrasty, cloudy conditions as the colour saturation tends to be better and more accurate. This year I set myself a challenge to photograph in sunnier conditions with a few more blue skies showing in the photographs. I have found it quite challenging actually, but thought these flowers would be a great chance to try it out. In the end I still prefer the images made when the sun was hidden by a passing cloud!

I took everything including the kitchen sink with me to make the photographs. I am trying at the moment to find a subject and cover it from all angle and with all lenses possible. The top image was taken with a 500mm lens, with the image above using my 12-24mm wide-angle lens. Each gives a different perspective and look to the image. Variation in the results is the desired outcome, and using different focal length lenses makes it easy to vary the look of the images.

The above image finally shows some blue sky! Notice though that there is no direct sun on the flowers themselves. I waited until the sun went behind a cloud so the flowers were in shade, but still had some blue sky behind. The best of both worlds! ?A breeze was present so it made subject movement a problem with the longer exposure times required. It just turns into a numbers game with a bit of patience thrown in as well. On my return home? and while downloading my files from the day, I was being serenaded by this great singer. Time for a few more photos!


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