I was due to do a 1-2-1 tuition today, but managed to switch it to yesterday due to the poor weather forecast for today. As it turns out the weather hasn’t been as bad as they forecast on Friday, but I’m glad I switched the day. Trying to learn photography when you are wet and damp is not fun, as well as being a complete distraction from what you are trying to do.

Earlier on in the week I was trying to make the best of a bad situation as I huddled next to Arthur’s Stone in a very heavy rain storm. Visibility dropped to about 100 metres and even I would admit that there were no real photographic options at that point, plus I wasn’t that willing to stick my head out from underneath my hood to find out!

The 1-2-1 session was all done on compact cameras, and it was quite refreshing for me not to have to think too much about histograms, aperture, shutter speeds etc. The clouds were quite interesting with them changing shape rapidly except for the one pictured above. It managed to maintain its resemblance to a feather as it travelled across the sky. You should have see the size of the birds that it came from! When working with a compact camera it becomes the best tool to practice composition with as most of the other photographic processes are handled by the camera.

We left Mewslade to try and get a decent sunset at Rhossili, and it looked promosing until about an hour before sunset when the clouds built up above the horizon and completely blocked the sun. A few photographic opportuinities were present, but not the spectacular lighting that I had hoped.


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