These are just a few images of one of my on going projects at the moment. While making a few landscape images around the cliffs of South Gower I?noticed that Cormorants and Shags were coming in to roost regularly on the cliffs. This spawned the project idea and so I have started to work a few locations that are relatively easy and more importantly safe to photograph. Being close to cliff edges with expensive camera equipment is a bit nerve wracking, especially when the wind picks up!

All?of these images were taken with the same lens and at the same location, but I hope to start to introduce some variation with different lenses and other locations. The birds are very wary as they feel quite quite vulnerable when on land so it is important not to disturb them and as a result getting into photographic range takes time.

The first image I visualised for this project was of a bird coming into land and this is the closest I have come so far to realising this. The perfect image will have some cliff on the left, good lighting and a better wing position of the bird. I think there will be a few more visits needed to get close to this. That is the never ending challenge of nature photography and that which provides the joy, fustration and hopefully, satisfaction.


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