I popped into Clyne Gardens for an hour or two on Good Friday, and even though the rain came down, I had a chance to wander round the whole garden. It is looking great at the moment and well worth a visit. This year it seems that the gardens have bloomed earlier, about a week to ten days, so now is the time to visit if you can.

It never ceases to amaze me how long I can spend in one position making some images. A part from the image immediately above, all the images were taken in an area 5 metres square. I always claim that walking around with all the camera gear keeps me fit, but at this rate I will be needing to walk a bit further.

The light conditions varied from very bright and contrasty to overcast, so as the clouds arrived, I switched to making detail images. I think a few park visitors were a bit suspicious of me as to take the images above and below, I was half in and out of the fir at the same time. At least my blue T-shirt and red fleece didn’t make?it look as if I was hiding, but some strange looks came my way anyway.


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