With all the new foliage growth at the moment, the most dominant colour in the natural world is green. The green varies from plant to plant and changes with the age of the growth as well. Later on in the summer the brilliance of the green will have gone and it will all start looking the same?and a bit tired.

On my Ilston Valley Day course, as all the wild garlic and Bluebells had been and gone, we had to concentrate on the green foliage. I think the participants found this quite hard as the final image is not easy to see and some extra thought is needed to see the possibilities. Green foliage always looks good back-lit and it helps bring out the detail of the leaf structure, so it pays to look up!

There is some colour with the Hawthorn flowers and bushes scattered amongst the green at the moment, but this will start to fade soon. New colours will appear?once the other summer flowers start to bloom and introduce a new feel to the countryside.

This is what I was hoping the participants on the day course would see. In a period of 3 days the garlic flowers were gone and other lower foliage growth had started to dominate the woodland floor. This is a bit of a nightmare when trying to plan the day courses; the first year the garlic flowers hadn’t come out, the second year it was spot on and this year was too late even though the course was always scheduled for?the first week of May.


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