SA1 marina development???????????????? Seagulls drying off after bathing

I had an hour to explore the Marina and SA1 area of Swansea this evening. This is not one of?the usual areas I visit, but did manage to get some “wildlife” images so to speak. I also did some images that are different from my usual subjects, hence the image of a lamp post. It was the obvious colour contrasts that caught my eye first, but it was only when I walked further a long to get the lamp post to provide some interest in what was a fairly empty?sky did it all finally come together. The Scottish nature photographer Nial Benvie?has written a great essay on finding contrasts or “edges” as he refers to them in the making of photographs. It appears in his landscape photography book, but it is also on his website here.

I also decided to free myself of my tripod, even though I carried it with me, to give myself the chance to just concentrate on making photographs and not worry about the quality issues of handheld versus tripod. Normally every shot I take, apart from some bird in flight shots are take on a tripod. When photographs are compared side by side it is very obvious to see on an enlargement of the image that a tripod shot is much sharper. The sharpness?can be improved even further with a cable release and locking the mirror up whenever possible. A lot of people avoid tripods because they feel it stops them from taking photographs quickly. Once you develop a habit of using a tripod, it feels strange not to use one, but also your speed in setting one up and adjusting it will become much faster and easier.


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