Sunlight and Storm Clouds, Whiteford Point, Gower Peninsula

I haven’t been out and about much recently due to a back injury. This has slowed my pace down a bit and have a result I haven’t taken many photographs recently. Just starting to get back in front of the computer now, so revisiting some recent photographs. As I have already mentioned Whiteford Point on the Gower Peninsula is one of my favourite locations in Gower with very different habitats and scenery close together. The sun sets over the sea on the west side of the point and this is always a great place to get dramatic lighting conditions with storms etc. out at sea. On this particular day I was hoping for a decent sunset, but the sky changed from blue to grey fairly quickly towards the end of the day. The ?lighting became more dramatic as the rain clouds swept across the sea, darkening the sky and reflection on the sea.

I am looking forward to the next few day courses that I will be running in July at Gigrin Farm, Rhayader and one at Whiteford Point, Gower. These are always good fun even though I rarely make any photographs.


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