Typically it turned into a sunny and slightly windy day for the Macro course. Ideally we would have had some cloud, but it allowed me to show a few ways of over coming the light and weather conditions. We had a great choice of floral subjects with Ramsons, Bluebells and Wood Anemones, amongst others, in bloom. Unfortunately insect life was limited to one bee and a few flies, but bark textures and back-lit leaves gave some variation. Roger spotted some resin oozing out of a felled tree trunk, which on closer examination had a myriad of colours reflected in it, from the blue sky above to the orange of the underlying wood. It shows that with your eyes fully open to the opportunities around you, the macro world is a great place to spend some time!

A quick demo of the portable field studio, my portable “cloud” i.e fold up reflector and the use of extension tubes were the only interruptions, apart from lunch?in the Gower Inn, ?Nigel, Malcolm, Jeff, Sandra, Rhian, Steve and Roger who joined us later had to put up with while they took their own pictures.?I only took about 10 images, so haven’t got a huge variation to choose from, but these are some from the field studio and how to take macro pictures without a macro lens demonstration.

The different tones of green this time of year make an interesting subject in their own right and hopefully a few more images will be possible for my dominant image colour project.


(For those of you wondering on how to take macro pictures without a macro lens, it?requires extension tubes and ideally a fixed focal length lens to make life easier. Images above taken with 300mm F2.8 lens and stacked 36, 20 & 12mm extension tubes)


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