The next few months are already looking busy! From a natural history point of view, a lot is now happening and it is easy to get overwhelmed with subjects. It pays to set projects to stop focus being lost on another subject and to realise that not everything can be covered each season. Would like to get some different wild garlic and Hawthorn blossom shots this year, so will be returning to one of my favourite locations, Ilston valley on the Gower peninsula where both occur in good numbers. Looking forward to my day course in May in the valley and showing? the participants the great display on offer.

Also, have a load of wedding images to process and get into an album from my Cyprus adventures. Natural history was all around in Cyprus at the moment with excellent numbers of wildflowers, snakes, lizards, swifts, swallows and insects. Hope to post some images soon, have to get through the wedding shots first though!


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