Well after mucking about for a few weeks trying to improve the appearance of the blog, I have finally had enough and thought it better to get blogging! Hopefully, as my knowledge of WordPress gets better, the design will change and get better.

Why start a blog? Hopefully, as images and video plus comments get added to the blog you will get a better idea of the Gower Peninsula and what Gower Photography is all about.

I have been involved in photography for 20 years now and have experience in quite a few different areas of photography. My first passion was black and white photography and I enjoy the development of films and printing in a darkroom still. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, the darkroom is in about 6 boxes at the moment, but the digital lightroom will still allow me to develop my images and print. Hopefully, with time I will able to have both options available.

Gower Photography workshops and day courses were born out of my love of the landscape of the Gower Peninsula and a wish to allow other people to enjoy what I am privileged to have on my doorstep 365 days of the year. They are pretty informal, but during them, I concentrate on getting the participants to the best locations at the right time and am on hand to give advice and ideas. I will openly say that I do not know everything about photography, but I don’t think anybody does. I find that the courses allow everybody to feed off each other and that everybody has the chance to learn and develop as photographers.

Well here goes the start of something new!


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