Red Kite soaring among the clouds

I debated whether I should post this image or use a more conventional photograph of the red kites in close up. There are loads of photographs of Red kites available now as most keen nature photographers have been to Gigrin Farm. Also with the advances in equipment technology it is getting easier to achieve better photographs of birds in flight. Birds in flight still are a difficult subject though and the delete button soon becomes your best friend when editing the photographs. I managed to take about 2500 photographs at my visit on Saturday for my day course at the farm. I have edited this down to 800 images so far but still have further to go!

The above image was an attempt to get something different from the normal type of photographs. I don’t think it quite works as it is at the moment. I think the red kite needs to be more on the left to try and position it more on an intersection of?thirds if the rule of thirds is followed. I can probably do this with a crop of the image. At the moment the bird is slightly too central in the frame. The cropped image is below.

Cropped version of the above image

I think this has made a stronger image and has a better balance to it. If the kite was looking into the frame, and not out of it as it is at the moment, the photograph would be even better!


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