Greater Willowherb

I haven’t been to the centre much this year. It is relatively quite on the bird front at the moment, but there are still a selection of waders and wildfowl, some with young, still visible.

I always find the centre a great place to get some photographs of wild flowers or insects. Today I was concentrating on plants, and bright overcast conditions helped to keep the contrast range under control. There was a breeze, but it did drop regularly allowing the plants to stop moving when having their picture taken. The above picture is of Greater Willowherb, which is found all around the centre. I managed to isolate this plant against the trees behind, which were in shadow, producing the?dark background you see. I always find longer lenses useful for flower photography as they can really help isolate the subject from the background, plus they can help remove distracting elements in the background that you can see with a wider angle of view. The distance between the subject and the background will also affect the amount that the background can be kept out of focus and in the photograph above I used a combination of a 200mm lens at F16 but as the background was over 3 metres behind the flower it was kept as a blur. This is because your depth of field decreases the closer you get to your subject.


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