Raindrops on a spiders web

A bit of a cliche photograph this, but with all the rain we had recently there were plenty of opportunities to make this image. I hadn’t actually noticed this web in my back garden until it rained!

I was going to post some images of the Glossy Ibis that are present near the old Pembrey Docks, near Burry Port as today I spent nearly all afternoon photographing this unusual and rare visitor to the UK. Birders present stated that it was the first sighting of the Glossy Ibis in Carmarthenshire since 1910. The rings on some of the birds have been identified as from the Camargue region of France, which is closer to their Mediterranean habitat. At this time of year the birds start relocating to Africa to over winter, before returning to the Mediterranean in spring.

The title of the post refers to the fact that I was using my new Nikon D300s to photograph the birds, and it was only when trying to download the images into Adobe Lightroom that I remembered that Adobe hasn’t updated Lightroom yet to read files from the D300s yet! Bother! I will have to wait till this comes out before posting some stills. This leads nicely onto the reason I bought the D300s. I can’t post stills, but I can post some VIDEO! The little video that follows is a really quick edit in Windows movie maker. Some of the images need to be sharper or better levelled, so hopefully this will come with practice. As a first effort with the camera I am pretty pleased. Lastly I would like to thank Adam Tilt who posted on his blog and via Twitter the position of the birds.



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