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With sunny and dry weather spells few and far between at the moment, I took advantage of a quieter spell in the weather to visit Oxwich NNR. I was originally only planning to spend a few hours in the bird hide testing out a new tripod head I bought a few months ago and hadn’t tested with the set up I wanted it for. The head worked well, but just as I was hoping to leave the hide and a very intense hail and rainstorm passed through, keeping me in the hide for about another hour.

My intension was to head back to the car and head off home to get some lunch, maybe a bit late, but at least I wouldn’t starve. It didn’t quite go to plan as I took a different route back to the car that ended up in me skipping lunch and photographing for another 3 hours!

Oxwich Bay20140202_DSC4787

I find quite often that when I am out and about and the light is good or the subject matter is stimulating my photographic vision at that time, it is quite hard to stop and walk away from the area until you are forced to by the lack of light or lack of inspiration. This doesn’t mean the images are any good, but the process of making images seems to be easier at that time and there is a flow to it.

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